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    Hi Team,

    First, thank you so much for this great plugin.

    At this moment, I am facing some issues.

    On my (staging) site, we fetch posts from other website by using the auto blogging plugin.

    What we tried to do is we set up the expired date and time on these fetched posts.

    For the first test, your plugin did not recognize or treat posts as published, so it did not set up the expired date & time (displayed with Never).

    Then, we set up the customized code on functions.php to solve this issue and we succeeded to run it right.

    Meaning, when the post auto fetched, your plugin treats posts as a new published post by this code and set up expiring date and time correctly. Also, it expired the post on time.

    But there are some issues occurs.

    1) It sometimes “miss to set up postExpiratorExpire on the cron schedule” for some posts. We have done different setting tests (ex. Changing the fetching period or expiring time…), I could not find specific points by comparing between succeeded and failed posts. (Used to check CF by a plugin called Custom field finder.)

    2) This runs well when I am accessing to WP Admin panel. If not, it will not run at all.

    We are using the Server Cron by setting xxx/xxx/wp-cron.php … runs every 5mins.

    Last, we did these tests within a short period, so it might be a lot of Cron tasks, since the server sometimes gets slow. “Missed posts” occurs in certain periods like every 30mins on one test, every 60mins on another test etc…

    We do know that we are asking you too much, please let us know…

    A) what do you think why it sometimes miss to set up postExpiratorExpire?

    B) The reason why 2) happens is that your plugin takes WP Config setting “WP CRON disable” because no one is accessing to the Website.

    Do you think this is the reason for it, even if we set up the Sever Cron?

    I have read some articles on this forum and checked also on you site doc. I have installed ver. 2.8.0-alpha.1 to see anything happens, and Failed.

    Thank you for your support in advance.

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  • Plugin Author Steve Burge


    @shingen0810 Thanks for using PublishPress Future. Sorry, we don’t support imported or automatically generated posts yet. We’re planning to add this in an upcoming Pro version.

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    Hi @stevejburge Thank you so much for your reply while you are busy.

    I shall wait for Pro Version then.

    Again, thank you for your support!

    Földesi, Mihály


    It is still exist! I have tested with WP v5.9 and WP v5.8.3.

    Thread Starter shingen0810


    Hi @foldesistudio

    What do you mean by “it is still exsit!”.

    You have tested and succeeded to do it so?

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