Support » Plugin: WP Crontrol » Cron Event never runs?

  • I have a hooked function that is scheduled using your wp control plugin and then I instructed the hosting company to setup an actual system cron which should trigger the event one minute after schedule.

    Event is:
    fiveb_cron_daily None fiveb_button_cron() 2019-06-07 01:09:00 (15 hours 53 minutes) Once Daily

    And System Cron:
    wget -q
    (runs at 1:10 am every day)

    But the hooked function never runs. First thing it is supposed to do is write to a file and I know the function works since I have a duplicate function also running from a clickable button.

    Sorry to bother you but I tried the WordPress forums and have not gotten a good answer. This seems like it should be so simple??

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