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  • is my website. The main page is XHTML compliant, but it is not currently CSS compliant, due to the -moz-opacity and -moz-radius properties. Read more in the Website category.
    Currently it does NOT display in Internet Explorer; I set an option to detect if IE is being used (or, as a result, if any browser uses IE as it’s core or user_agent ID). The reason I did this is because if you take a look at my CSS code, you will notice I set margins on #content. Internet Explorer correctly renders the top, left, and bottom margins, but expand the right margin completely. I’ve developed a crude workaround (which incidentally adds a feature to the website too anyone can use). I’ve made my menus on both sides collapseable (sp?).
    Update: it still does not display correctly in IE. The content right margin extends to the edge of the page and further.
    More updates: the radius and opacity properties are implemented in the W3C CSS3 Draft of 2001. If and when CSS3 is implemented and supported in new browsers, I will use the appropriate non-browsers specific properties.

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  • Mark,
    Not much to critique! 😀 I like it…I like how you can hide the left and right columns, but I would be tempted to also label that feature, because it may not be obvious to people viewing the site. Also, I’m not sure how many would use the feature, but hey, it’s a neat thing to demonstrate to people!

    I loved your “click to hide” and “click to expand” functionality. But i found what might be a little glitch: it doesn’t stick when i navigate around. Like this: if i like a history and click on the “more…” to read to the end, i see the whole post. If i then expand the content, it looks nice to read. But when i press the “back” button in my browser, the sidebars come back. I wouldn’t expect them too, since i had hidden them.
    That’s just to warn you about it, i like the design.

    Oh, as always, cookies aren’t necessary for the site to work. I use 6 cookies on my website for normal users, 8 including the ones WP assigns for logging in.

    Unless someone else finds one. 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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