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  • I need some people to actually come and read my blog. Seriously. I have great content but the only people who read my blog are friends, family, and my hometown :). I’d actually like some feedback on how I can improve, other than from people who know me.

    Plus, it’ll give me more of a reason to post more frequently if I got some backlinks :).

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  • Well, it would only appeal to friends/family. It has no real direction or purpose. It tells me nothing that I cannot otherwise obtain by reading a news or technology – related website. To capture a wider audience, you need to think why they may want to read it at all. Your opinion on a topic is simply not enough; that can only work if you’re important to a number of people (think Scoble et al.)

    Aesthetically, it’s a pretty much unchanged theme, so can’t really comment on that.

    thanks, that helped a lot.

    You need to check your spelling.

    well that post was written when i was pretty drunk, hence the spelling errors and burning sarcasm.

    If you’re asking for a review on your site, that we can give.

    If you’re asking us to read your content and make it our regular pitstop, sorry. We don’t review content, just design and functionality. If you happen to write riveting content, naturally we’ll pass comment on that as we review your overall site design.

    I’d actually like some feedback on how I can improve

    If you want our opinions, which you asked for, accept what we say with good grace – you don’t have to like what we say, but you shouldn’t justify our nitpicking, either.

    Just my nitpick for what its worth:)

    The first post is actually a hoax that’s been going around the internet for some time. Try searching for [telemarketing hoax cellphones] on Google. So a general point would be to do some fact-checking.

    Otherwise, I agree with the other comment that if you have a very general blog you’re not going to develop a core audience. Stick to one thing you know very well. There’s nothing wrong with a friends-and-family blog, of course, but that’s obviously not what you want.

    And then it’ll take time. And you might want to think about asking other people to link to you.

    @haecceity – fact checking by whom?

    I haven’t checked the site – nor will I. Any one who is soliciting members to increase their standing and popularity doesn’t induce me to review their work.

    Just the way I am.

    A little harsh there Kat Girl

    Honestly Katgirl, why so pompous? Your comment is saturated with arrogance.

    It seems like you have a lot of experience and can offer me some very good advice, but I’d rather you send it to me personally at than make my post just a stop on your crusade to 10,000 posts.

    I really appreciate all the comments thus far. I’m garnishing a greater understanding of the direction of my site.

    Arrogance is perception – everyone is entitled to a point of view. I do not begrudge anyone that. In fact I welcome comments. I do not slander names, nor do I suggest that anyone is crusading to 10,000 posts.

    I need some people to actually come and read my blog. Seriously. I have great content but the only people who read my blog are friends, family, and my hometown

    Your words, not mine.

    It’s been the long-accepted norm around here that request for review within Your WordPress are for “look” and/or code. NOT for content.

    Hi Ryan..

    I noticed that you are using Apostolos Dountsis’s Social Bookmark plugin.

    If you don’t like the spacing between each bookmark icon, you can adjust your CSS file to remove the spacing.

    Look in your CSS file for a line that is something like this:

    “.entry img, .entrytext img {
    margin: 7px 7px 7px 7px;

    When you find it, just change the numbers to zero. Watch out though, it could affect the margins on other images that you may have posted.

    I just wanted to post a follow up on my previous post, for clarification.

    My reference to CSS file was to mean your “theme” style.css file not the bookmark style.css file. My apologies if this caused any confusion.

    I think the social bookmarking icons are an unnecessary eyesore. They pop out more than titles and content of your page. And do people really use them? I’d think most people prefer bookmarklets and FF extensions and whatnot. I’d dump the whole lot. Just my 0.02

    Hi jalenack..

    Last I read, there were 50+ million blogs. I’m sure my blog ranks around 49.8 millionth or so. So, with a high degree of certainty, I can safely say that I’m pretty sure no one uses Social Bookmarks on MY blog. 😉

    However, the success of bookmarking sites such as Digg and show that indeed, people DO use boomarks (halloween pun initially unintentional).

    The Social Bookmark icons do stick out, especially on a minimalist blog like mine or when you activate every single one of them, like I do. They’re less imposing when only a few are activated. Like you say, its all personal preference.

    BTW.. the next release of Apostolos’s Social Bookmarks Plugin will include an option to choose whether you want the bookmark icons on the front page or not.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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