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  • Hallo,
    i installed my wordpress few days ago, and now i try to customize it.

    So i searched lots of plugins, and testet if they work.
    Some didnot, some were outdatet, some did not give me what i want.

    There were between 3 and 50 plugins for one thing (ofcourse at a big community)
    So i thing there should be an mangement, that merges plugins to multiplugins that have all functions of the old plugin, and the newbe must just install this multiplugin to get all functions he want.

    The second thing about Plugins is that:

    the custom admin menu is a very great plugin i want it absolutly!
    But it is outdatet and no one seem to care now to get it work.
    I thing such great plugins have to adopt by if the Autor didnt care anymore!

    In that way it would be easy to make wordpress much better than it is now.

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  • That is the nature of Open Source development I’m afraid. You get massive benefits of thousands of people working on the project, but you have discovered the down side to it as well.

    It relies on the author maintaining their plug-in and making updates to keep it compatible. If what you need is a common feature, you’ll be well catered for. Too well in some respects, but if not, you can be left out in the cold. The only option normally is to go without, or learn to do it yourself!

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