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  • I am a long time user of standalone wordpress, and one of the things that has annoyed me the most over the year is the limitations of the forums. The feature I miss the most is the ability to limit a forum search to a specific plugin. With the way your forum is organized, it doesn’t even seem possible to use Googles site: functionality to filter the search. Without this functionality is is practically impossible to find out if someone has asked about a particular issue before.

    On a forum list like this, there is no button or form for adding a new issue.

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    Hi @mskogly,
    In regards to the tag list – It is not possible to create a thread from a tags list, it is however possible to create a thread in one of the forums and assign tags to it. The tag list is a way of searching for threads.



    Was wondering about search results for a specific plugin.

    Any suggestions? since I don’t see these forums getting fixed anytime soon.



    Another option is to name the plugin in the title.
    For example;
    “Plugin Name” – suggestion brief description.

    But functionality wise, it might be sensible to do something like ;
    when making a submission, the forum form automatically grabs the plugin name, and adds it to the tags (behind the scene), so there is no way it gets left out of the topic submission.

    There are other ways to obtain this functionality, and most them have all been done before (elsewhere on the net).
    So it’s not impossible, it’s just whether it is considered practicable.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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