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  • When I reply to a forum post I type in my reply… great, then I see that it could do with some more tags, great so i type in the tags, then i click on Add >> and guess what! th tags get added and my reply text disappears… not cool!

    Let’s make it so that my reply text doesn’t get deleted each time i add a tag!

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  • I am receiving a ton of repetitive spam. Sometimes it is the same e mail from several people. Below are two examples but they are being repeated constantly:
    EXAMPLE 1:

    [ Moderated. No need to copy that into a post here. It’s SPAM, we get it. ]

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    @nwfeld: Please post your own thread. It’s considered impolite to interrupt someone else’s thread like that and your problem has nothing to with the OP’s topic.

    Pete – Not with the current version of bbPress :/ If we could ajaxify it, that’d be nice! It happens to me too.

    or move the tags over underneath the main post input box here and update the tags only when the post is posted/updated

    Hmm. I wonder if you can do that now…. Nope.

    I’ll pass it on 🙂

    the only problem I see with that is someone can’t update/add-to the tags without posting a reply. As it is now I can update any post’s tags without having to reply to that post…

    Yeah, we’d need a ‘both’ solution 🙂

    I know! we have one of those flashing gifs with red and green colours saying “post first – tag second”… awesome!

    Aaaaarrrgghhh!! it happened again! son of a beach…I typed a big long reply to a post, then went to add to the tag list clicked on ad and BINGO lost my post.

    Come on guys let’s get this fixed please.



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    Can you replicate the problem using the Twenty Eleven theme with all plugins deactivated?


    He’s referring to the support forums. See his first post.



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    Then it has to be machine/browser specific. There’s no problem with adding tags to posts here – providing, of course, you add the tags after you submit the post.

    Yes, that’s what he’s complaining about. He wants the post content to stay even if he adds the tags before submitting the post.



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    That’s simply not possible within the forum’s software, as far as I am aware. Adding a tag currently forces a page refresh. Removing that would require some fairly extensive changes – including some new jQuery functionality. TBH, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    does the problem outweigh the need for it to change? I think it does.

    maybe make the tags part of the post content submitted?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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