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  • You forgot to post your site’s link, give us the link so that we can give you feedback,
    looking foreword to it,

    i thought ppl would notice, but the website link is my username.

    Honestly, auto-play music makes me close the browser window.

    I can’t open it.

    ok so disable autoplay thanks.

    anything else guys

    Yeah, i was gussing your site from your userid, but thought it will be better to ask and confirm your url before giving feedback.

    It took a long time to load, i guess it could be due to the auto-music radio thing, or perhaps the chat unit, or the twitter thing you have on the sidebar. I also noticed a toolbar at the bottom. All in all, its pretty much stuffed, looks good though when its opened but honestly no one has to time or patience to wait for it to load completely… a faster site with tell stuff is far more better 🙂

    Next, you don’t have any posts so start writing 🙂

    though, there’s a few positives too, like you got a great logo, the over all theme of your blog is good, pretty much clean, and most of all i like your social media button on the top. You are also using the social media plugin which is my first choice plugin, so keep it posted,

    takes forever to load!

    yes ive removed a lot of plugins, wibiya toolbar is gone, autoplay is set to false, the tweeter plugin will go away too.

    also sexy bookmarks is gone plus Disquss for comenting has been changed to a lighter commenting plugin.

    i will remove and shrink some images sizes as well as the logo and headers

    I also use this Theme but you have no real content on the Site yet so it’s just an Empty Theme nothing more to say.

    What, exactly, is “content” and what, exactly, is “advertising”? The term what is this I don’t even comes to mind.

    Great Design!

    The only thing you should look into are the amount and size of your images. More images = more http requests = slow.

    You have 2 header images (you should only need 1 in conjunction with an [a] tag.) speaking of which that header is cool but takes forever to load.

    your sidebar background image is unnecessarily big, you should find a way to make a more simplistic css version.

    And finally your video thumbnails are 5 times too big (the original sizes are about 500px sq.). Shrink these down to about 100px sq

    @boyevul, content is articles, videos, pictures… etc…

    and you don’t know what advertising is? ads? advertisement?

    No, I mean… the way you have it set up: advertising, advertising, non-content “content” (log-in isn’t content), some more advertising… and that’s on the sidebar alone.

    You have more space devoted to advertising than you do to content.

    what plugin are you using on the videos page?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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