• Hi we would have liked to give this plugin full 5 stars for the hard work that the author/developers handwork but here are the most crucial points especially for any Agency, Web designer/developers that are missing.

    • The Licence/API Key should always be hidden to prevent jeopardising. The key is clearly revealed in every site we implement and activate NinjaPro (Agency Licence). Client(s) or anyone can easily jeopardise (copy) the Licence/API Key and use it on any/as many site’s they want out of our knowledge. We are not able to use this on any of our clients site due to this reason. No Agencies/business would like there colleague(s)/client(s) or anyone to use there Licence/API Key that they have bought.
    • They don’t have any Licence/API Key management system for us to enable/disable/revoke and keep a tab on the keys that have been used under the license we have bought.
    • White labeling would be nice feature to have.
    • No other plugin that we have tested goes into infinite loop to analyse. Something need to be updating as Ninja Just analyse test goes in infinite loop. Please rectify the bug in analyse test scans.
    • We would love to see all these critical problems to be rectified urgently.

      Thank you

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