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  • @richak – was just coming here to post the same issue. 🙂

    Agree – this has caused headaches galore today! Please fix asap – have had to deactivate in the meantime.

    If you need screenshots/data let me know, as I have it backed up on my staging site.

    Plugin Author Tatvic


    We have rolled back to 2.2.1 for now and looking into the reported issue.

    Hi @tatvic how can we roll back too?

    Same issue.


    HELP!! OMG!! 🙁

    I lost 50% of all my Short Product Description!
    And also 50% of all my products Title are changed to AFREKENEN (Dutch for CHECKOUT).

    Is there any solution? I already have disabled the plug-in…

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    I had the same issue, only solution was to disable the plug-in and repair all corrupted products manually. With some products there was older version in the cache, so I was able restore those quite easily.

    For my luck, I had a fresh backup and local installation of Woocommerce, so I was able to copy back all the removed product data.

    I think we all agree, that this is not the bug we want on Black friday. Better testing with full checkout process etc. is more than recommended. Also scheduling for updated releases should be planned.


    How can I downgrade to v2.2.1?

    Or is it better to stay at v2.2.2 (deactivated) and wait for new release with bugfix?

    FYI – I just rolled back to version Version 2.2.0 of enhanced e-commerce for Woocommerce store from 2.2.1 and I corrected all the titles that had changed to Checkout and all seems well…

    Yes I had the same problem, my short product descriptions at the top of the has disappeared + the product titles changed after every order. I deactivated your plugin yesterday and have not had a problem since. Unfortunately this also means I am not getting any e-commerce data to Google Analytics which is a shame since it is Black Friday weekend =/

    I also wanna know if I should keep it deactivated and wait for new release or how I can go back to the older version?

    Same issue here.

    How to roll back, please? Link?

    Plugin Author Tatvic



    If you have 2.2.2 activated on your store currently then you can deactivate it and delete it.

    After this, download 2.2.1 from here and activate the same to your store and all tracking should work fine.

    Apologies for the inconvenience, we have found the issue and we are working on it. We will roll out an update soon.

    PS: This issue has occurred due to 2 deprecated functions in WC 3.7 and 3.8

    Plugin Author Tatvic



    We have rolled out a new update 2.3.0 in which the reported issue is solved now.

    You can update to 2.3.0 and keep tracking useful data from your store.

    Thanks all for your patience.

    I have version 2.3.0 and still see both the issues.

    1. Product Title changes to “Checkout” after that product is purchased.
    2. Enhanced Ecommerce data is not flowing to GA according to GA.

    Any ideas?

    Plugin Author Tatvic


    Hey @amitramani

    The issue mentioned in (1) is resoled in 2.3.0 and should not be there in your store as well.

    The issue mentioned in (2) has not occurred any where so far.

    Please re confirm this by looking at the data in GA. If the issue still persists then share the store url and I will have a look at it.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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