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    I just checked my security and it says I have over 100 critical issues which are all vulnerable software. What do I do now? How do I get rid of them and the cause?

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    Hi @baldheadslick, I understand that getting notified of that number of critical issues is quite concerning. We’re here to help!

    Are these issues being reported on the Solid Security’s Site Scan page? If so, the first step would be to review each notification and check the recommended “Action”.

    If most of the issues stem from plugin/theme vulnerabilities, many of them could be patched by the authors, so check for updates from the Site Scan’s “Action” column or your WP Updates page. Remove any outdated/unsupported plugins/themes and consider replacing them.

    Next, I’d recommend increasing user security by enabling Solid Security’s 2FA and Strong Passwords features. Check these docs for a guide on how to implement them:
    Solid Security Two-Factor Settings
    Solid Security Password Requirements
    Also, review your site’s user accounts and check for suspicious/unauthorized accounts. If you spot any, you can force a password reset for all accounts via Solid Security’s User Security settings.

    Then, configure Solid Security’s Firewall settings and make sure to enable the Ban Users and Brute Force Protection modules.

    Once you’ve gone through these steps, try to rerun another Site Scan and check if the results are still reporting issues. If there are still issues, I’d appreciate it if you can send a screenshot of the scan results
    so we can investigate further.

    Please let me know how it goes!

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    Hi there,

    I hope the previous reply helped. Tracking notifications on this forum can become tricky over time, and since we haven’t received a response, I’ll mark this post resolved.

    If you still require further assistance, feel free to open a new support topic, and we’d be happy to assist.

    Thank you!

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    Thanks for the reply. I didn’t actually receive the first reply so I’ll check things on there now.

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