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  • The new Site Health feature tells me my site has a “Critical issue”, specifically “A plugin has prevented updates by disabling wp_version_check()”.

    So … what should I do? I don’t know which of my 20+ plugins is the culprit or how to reform it. All my plugins are from the official free WP repository, all are up to date, and none are abandoned or ancient.

    I have wp-config set to auto-update everything, and as far as I have noticed it is doing just that.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I totally get that, identifying individual causes for a problem can be troublesome, and it may be incorrect if you also have a warning relating to the website loopbacks (if loopbacks are not working, then the check for this particular feature will also fail, so resolving the loopback issue should then be the first step).

    The recommended approach for any such scenario is still to disable plugins and enable them one by one until a problem reappears. Of course we understand this isn’t always a possible approach, so you can use the Health Check plugin to extend the new Site Health feature in WordPress, and introduces a Troubleshooting alternativee to the page which lets you simulate having no plugins (or the plugins you’d like) enabled only for your user.

    It should be noted that some hosts may also handle the updates for you, in which case the result WordPress displays may not apply as you are getting the updates form their platform instead, you would have to check that with your hosts documentation if it’s the case.

    Your reply is very much appreciated, Marius. I do have the loopback warning so I’m guessing that is what is causing the issue.

    This error may or may not be due to WPInvoicing plugin. We need to troubleshoot for that. First of all, can you let me know if your site is directly accessible to users or you have some HTTP authentication enabled? If the HTTP authentication is enabled on your site then this error will come as loopback request from health check plugin will fail.

    Please let me know admin details and FTP details in private reply to troubleshoot more for your site.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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