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  • This is a pretty major bug in terms of Search Engine Optimization. A trackback comment includes an excerpt of the blog which linked to you, including the link itself. It might be that that link had, as its anchor text, a truncation of your blog URL. For example, the linking blog might have a link with anchor text “…” but the actual hyperlink points to “”. The bug is that your trackback comment will contain a hyperlink to the *truncated* address. So the linking blog created a link to check_this_out, but *your comment* creates a link to check_thi…, which obviously doesn’t even exist!

    You can see this in action (I’ll leave it uncorrected for a few weeks for readers here to see): look at the link in the trackback at the bottom of (the linking post is ).

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  • Now that I think about this a little more, it could be used by spammers as a major exploit. Create an innocent blog (“”), link to someone with unmoderated trackbacks, but make your anchortext for the link be “” or whatever. Their trackback will link to the porn site!

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