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  • How are you running multiple installs of ie? Are you using multipleIEs? Ive had a problem with multipleIes before, I would go to a form and non of the inputs on the page would be selectable, if I remember correctly I couldn’t even select text on the page.

    Try going to another page with a form on it in ie6 and see what happens.

    Assuming, you are using MultipleIEs and this is the problem, I would recommend IETester, its a much better program for testing ALL versions of IE.

    anyone know what’s going on?


    I am using multiple intstalls of IE5 and IE6 on my local computer… so it could be something in their rendering…

    Yeah. I guess it could be. IE 5.5 is dead for all intent and purpose. IE6 for all practical purposes may as well be obsolete. Until you can confirm that it doesn’t work in any other browser either, diagnosis options may be pretty limited.

    I don’t need any “you should upgrade” flame

    Facts are facts. Service packs for 5.5 are no longer even available, and 6.0 SP1 was last released I believe, in 2005. It might as well be dead. No support for CSS V2, png transparency issues, and a slew of potential security related topics. You already know the answers to your questions, otherwise you wouldn’t bother with the disclaimer saying you didn’t want to hear what you already knew. If it’s out of your hands on your own local computer, I suspect you have little recourse but to suffer.

    @jwack — I don’t recall… I actually downloaded both, but its quite likely I went with multiIE. I’ll try the other when I get a chance. Thanks for the beta.

    @clayton — I think you misunderstood. I was testing locally because I have a user-base that is largely using IE6 (and some IE5.5) on computers that they are lucky to have in an undeveloped part of a developing country that is lucky to have internet. For all I know the administrators of the computers (who have the power to upgrade) have been arrested, died of malaria, or got a different job. Suffering is no stranger to these parts — the least I can do is help them log on to WordPress.

    Hi, I just tested now and I am able to log on to my blog with both IE5.5 and two different builds of IE6.

    I’m using Internet Explorer Collection.

    The layout of the administration panel breaks in IE5.5, but otherwise it all looks surprisingly ok.

    Good luck!


    Ahhh…I understand. Surely, judging by crayoncrisis’s experience there must be some suitable solutions. Perhaps the severity of the issue will turn out to be something limited to the IE installation on just your local machine. I hope you find an easy solution for this one. I would be interested to know if your eventual solution involves any modification to wordpress files, or if it comes back strictly to browser idiosyncracies.

    Bless you for your selfless contributions to those in need in other countries. Best of luck to you.


    Since I find posts without resolutions to be frustrating, here’s the outcome:

    Indeed it seemed to be an multipleIE problem. After installing IETester, things seem to be working.

    @crayoncrisis – I haven’t seen that program before, thanks.

    🙂 I had that same problem at work one day, took me forever to figure it out!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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