Critical error - plug-in upgrades path corrupting (3 posts)

  1. gazouteast
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    WP 2.7.1 - plug-in upgrades worked previously, now it's all gone screwy

    OK - two separate but possibly related issues here -

    FIRST - there is still no answer to the WP-Stats plug-in failing to log in when a correct user name and password is used - the log-in page just reloads with no error message. There's post after post about this and neither Matt nor any of the developers have posted a response.

    Following the problem above, a new problem with plug-ins has surfaced, and it is preventing me from upgrading plug-ins automatically.

    Whenever I click on the "upgrade automatically", I get the following error for all plug-ins needing upgrade -

    Downloading update from http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/plugin-name.zip
    Unpacking the update
    Could not copy file: /home/useraccount/public_html/blog/wp-content/upgrade/plugin-name/plugin-name/first-file-name
    Installation Failed

    Note the duplicated plugin folder name in the install path - /upgrade/plugin-name/plugin-name/

    This only began after the WP-Stats login problem began - I have deactivated, deleted, manually re-installed the WP-Stats plugin (which fixed neither the problem with WP-stats nor the upgrade of other plug-ins), and I have swept the site for injects and malware - it is clean.

    PLEASE can someone advise with this - I am stumped - I miss my stats - and I have a mountain of plugins to upgrade


  2. gazouteast
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  3. Os..
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    same here... noclue.

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