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  • Resolved deeveearr


    …is the notice that I just got following this afternoon’s upgrade.

    Renamed the plugin in cpanel and the website went back to normal – minus shortpixel being activated of course.

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  • KZeni


    Updating to the 5.0.1-DEV01 version (per does appear to have resolved the fatal error for me!

    I guess the WP_DEBUG saying the '' part of the insert_with_markers() parameters being an array (for some odd reason) was actually a non-issue (also seeing the WP documentation at saying that value can be a string or array so it shouldn’t be an issue either way.)

    I suppose it was something regarding the order in which the version check was being handled (then affecting other aspects) was the primary issue (which does make sense since it was saying the switch_to_locale function wasn’t made available yet when it otherwise could/should be… apparently it was running checks & activation things before init…?)



    I have the error as well, running multisite



    Things look to be all good after updating to the 5.0.1-DEV01 version of the plugin.

    Highly recommend anyone who ran into this issue try the 5.0.1-DEV01 version (again, see for this download) to confirm things are resolved for them as well.

    That way, we can hopefully get that released as the official version sooner than later so fewer sites auto-update to the version that may cause a fatal error.

    Plugin Author Pedro


    Dear all,

    Many thanks for your contributions and fast confirmation! 5.0.1 is out and should correct this error.

    In case you still face any issues, please open a new thread!

    All the best,
    Pedro & the ShortPixel team



    After update all my websites got critical errors and could not be accessed through browser. I had to disable the plugin by renaming it to get into the sites. The updates were done using managewp. Just wondering if a fix is coming or was it an issue with updating using managewp? Please explain.

    Plugin Author Pedro


    Hello @cdosborne,

    I’m really sorry that you faced those issues 🙁

    If the error that you saw is similar to the ones from this thread, then please update to 5.0.1 which was just released, and check if the error is resolved.

    At this point, I am not sure if the error is caused by the upgrade process from ManageWP, or by the situation described in this thread (that we didn’t manage to catch during our testing).

    Thanks, I look forward to getting your feedback after updating to 5.0.1

    Thread Starter deeveearr


    Confirming that the issue is fixed with 5.0.1



    Also confirming I had a similar issue and the patch has fixed it. Thank you 👍

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