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  • Yes, I had to remove the plugin for my site to work properly again 🙁

    Widget area doesn’t work anymore as well. I had to disable the plugin top be able to use widget dashboard again.

    I was unable to save posts, use the widget area or insert media, but I found that if I disable the plugin, I am able to. Then, I can go and enable the plugin again. I hope there will be an update to the plugin!

    was unable to add a hyperlink in a post, deactivated KK i Like It and problem was resolved, re-enable plugin and the problem comes back. Plugin has been deactivated and awaiting a fix for this issue.

    temporary solution till the plugin gets fixed:

    make all the modifications you want to KK i Like It plugin settings in the admin panel, then comment this line in /plugins/kk-i-like-it/admin.php :

    //add_action(‘admin_enqueue_scripts’, ‘kklike_admin_enqueue_scripts’);

    this will prevent loading the buggy javascripts in the admin panel, but the plugin still works fine at the frontend.

    make all the modifications you want to KK i Like It plugin settings in the admin panel, then comment this line in /plugins/kk-i-like-it/admin.php :
    //add_action(‘admin_enqueue_scripts’, ‘kklike_admin_enqueue_scripts’);

    Thanks, this may work partly – but it didn’t stop my new post problems (set featured image became bug etc).

    If you go to meta.php in the plugin and comment out the following JS it will work again:

    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    // jQuery(document).ready(function(){
    // jQuery(‘.kknewcheckbox:visible’).iphoneStyle({
    // checkedLabel: ‘Tak’,
    // uncheckedLabel: ‘Nie’


    oh thank you a lot KlineAl!
    This plugin is not working correctly thanks to you!

    Do you mean “not” or “now”?

    I cannot detect sarcasm well online lol.


    Thanks everso for this temporary fix. Love the plugin, if for no other reason than I’m pretty sure the functionality is unique, but I had to deactivate it so very often to make minor changes elsewhere. Your suggestion seems to have cured the problem completely. (LOL .. though I’ll probably forget what I did next time I need to make admin changes to kkIlikeit!)

    I’ve double checked, and am pretty sure there’s no sarcasm above 😉

    KlineAl, I am so sorry, I typed it wrong, it was “now” and not “not” ;x
    This plugin is NOW working correctly THANKS to you!

    Great! Glad it works guys! 🙂

    For info:

    I’ve just spent the best part of the day removing a bug whereby my database needed continually to be optimized. As soon as it was, it needed doing again.

    By a process of elimination, seems to be caused by this plugin. So I’m going to (reluctantly) stop using it.

    Have found a plugin called BAW Like Unlike offers similar basic functionality, though I’ve yet to see if I can get it to act as a complete replacement.

    Best regards


    Plugin Author Krzysztof Furtak


    This issue fixed in version 1.7.2

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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