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  • I see on your page quite many moving parts. They consume memory. Check your hosting plan and contact your hosting provider.


    I think it’s a PHP memory limit issue. You can increase the PHP memory limit in WordPress via this code, define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '1024M' );. Put this code into your wp-config.php file.


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    Hi @aimsinfosofts
    Unfortunately, it still gets an error …
    The host could not find the cause of the error.

    The host has disabled the WP Rocket and WP statistics plugin, but I get an error…

    Disable plugins to see, whether some of them causes the issue.

    Hint: you can speed up the search by using so called binary search, i.e. disable half of the plugins, if the issue persists the issue is in the other half; if not, then continue with this disabled half and so on.

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    Problem identified
    All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin
    Disabling this plugin will fix the error.
    Version 4.4.3 is installed

    But what is the solution?
    How should I fix this error?


    That is good news, that you have identified the plugin. Go to the support forum of the plugin here on and ask for help there. The plugin maker seems to run a customer-only support forum, where you might get better help. (Better support is a good incentive for paying for plugins and themes.)

    Other than that you could contact your hosting provider and ask them to increase the memory to test, if that helps. If it does, change the hosting plan. Alternatively start looking for replacement(s) for the plugin. List what functionality it offers/what you need and try to find one or more alternative plugins, which do the same.

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    Hi @juhametsakallas

    Thanks for the quick response
    Introduce the best alternative plugin if possible?
    A WordPress compatible plugin


    Have you contacted the maker of the plugin?

    I don’t know, what the All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin does and which all functionalities of it are crucial to you.

    Generally speaking if your website has something a visitor can write into (a contact form, a comment field and so on), you need to protect the site against spamming. One of the best known anti-spamming solutions is Akismet.

    If there is a login function on your website, you need to protect the site against bruteforce attacks, that try to break the usernames and passwords. One of the top used for this is Loginizer.

    These may suit some of your needs.

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    Hi @juhametsakallas

    Yes, I’m in touch with plugin support.
    Plugin Support Response:

    I have an online store (Mobile Accessories Store)

    All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin installed by template designer.
    I don’t have any knowledge of the security plugin and its better performance for the store 🙁

    If possible, introduce a WordPress-compatible security plugin for my store

    Thanks for the patience and accountability

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