• I feel like I am having a blogging crisis. Tags vs Categories? OMG, what to do. Does anyone really use categories? I mean unless a blogger has something really clever as a category like “All the naked!” then do we readers really click to read the entire “Rant” category?

    And what about gravatars? Have? Don’t have? It’s just all SO MUCH to worry about.

    But seriously. What are others doing about this tag v category debate without filling up your posts with “tags”?

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  • I use categories. I don’t have many on any given blog, because since I have so many blogs, they’re fairly “categorized” already.

    I use UTW for post tagging. A couple of keywords, and that’s it.

    But then, I’m hardly the world’s greatest example of public blogging, so anything I say is probably suspect (especially since I’m probably at least twice as old as most anyone else who posts here regularly….)

    [Oh – gravatars. Nope. Don’t use ’em on my own blogs.]

    Unless you are 96, you are not twice as old as me. 🙂

    Nope. But I’m still older than you are. By a decade or so….

    I use both 🙂 If your starting new and you expect you’ll be writing loads, then i’d go for tags. If you want to be organised, clean and brief – categories. Its really your decision.

    I don’t know about tags, but as I don’t have many blogs, I do categorise. I might have categories as Personal, Tech Stuff, Politics and Art. Do people really select the “Art” category to read the posts. I hope so – I know I do.

    As for Gravatars, I have one, and I’ll use it on my blog once it is launched. There are good reasons for personalizing the web communities and a really good article on the matter can be found here http://www.chrisjdavis.org/2005/03/18/personality/

    vkaryl: Talking ages, to be twice my age, you’d have to be 130 🙂

    I agree with Usayd; you can use both if you’re so inclined. Or even neither. The point is, it doesn’t have to be a categories vs. tags issue.

    (Who cares how old you are?!)

    I am just using categories as tags for now and tagging with wanton carelessness. Thank you for that article. I will implement gravatars soon.

    Hi Kafkaesqui: No one I guess – just a followup on vkaryl vs Rori earlier in the thread 🙂

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