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  • Would recommend avoiding this plugin – the free version is crippled to the point where it’s not useful. And by the way, it leaves a bunch of crap in your database, and the author’s response is

    we do not provide an uninstaller with the plugin and cannot provide any assistance with cleaning things up

    that is a direct quote by the way.

    Take a good look at the premium addons – if there’s something you need in there, don’t waste your time installing this.

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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey lowlight. Thanks for your feedback here, and for your review. While we’re obviously a bit disappointed to see a 1-star review, please know that we take this type of feedback seriously. Nothing bums us out more than letting someone down and I want to apologize on behalf of the whole team for failing you here.

    First off, regarding the database issue: your point is 100% valid. The fact that the community wants to see this full removal only came to our attention fairly recently. As soon as it did, we added it to our development queue and have it on the docket to ship with the next release (The Events Calendar 3.0, which should be out over the next month or so). Unfortunately, given how the development cycle works, we aren’t in a position to push releases that just contain a single fix (such as this one), no matter how important those fixes are. This one is definitely a high priority for us and I do want you to know that we understand the pain it’s causing for certain folks in the community. (If a step by step walkthrough on what needs to be removed would help in the interim, please let me know). I also want to apologize for the fact that we didn’t convey this to you effectively – or, at all – in the thread you’ve linked to above.

    Your point regarding crippleware is an interesting one. I’m definitely looking to hear more from you on this; obviously, there are thousands of people using this plugin who find the core functionality meets their needs plenty, and if I were to guess I’d say only half of our active users of the core plugin have gone on to buy add-ons. The other half run with it as-is and have found the solution meets their needs for a free offering. But the fact that you have a different perspective means this feeling isn’t universal, and that your position is in the minority here by no means negates it…instead it makes me that much more inclined to find out what your idea of an adequate free plugin would be. I’m happy to even get you a copy of the PRO code – so you could see the difference between free and PRO offerings, and have a better understanding of the full picture.

    No pressure, obviously. But I do want to take these types of feedback into account and you seem like someone who could offer a great, fresh perspective. And I want to do right by you after we’ve messed up the relationship thus far. Feel free to email me personally (rob /a/ if you’re interested.

    Thanks again for the feedback and for giving the plugin a go. It’s posts like this that help us know how we need to improve and I appreciate you taking the time you’ve spent so far to help us get there.

    after this low rate and reasons I was nearly running away from your plugin BUT you shown to be serious and kind, AND for this I will trust you!

    I appreciate that you are considering the feedback. I’m surprised that you didn’t think a full uninstall would be necessary – if everyone thought like that, databases would get pretty bloated!

    I also appreciate the license offer, but I actually already found a good calendar plugin at codecanyon… The calendar I needed was very basic – I just needed to be able to display a calendar with a list of the same recurring events every week. Since your plugin bars that feature from free users, it rendered the plugin useless for me… having only two events, but having to enter them each time made me want to look elsewhere.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Isemplice: glad to hear it! Thanks for the nice note there.

    Lowlight: this is solid to hear. More than anything, I wanted to make sure that A) you didn’t think we ignored this type of feedback, and B) you ended up finding a solution that meets your needs one way or another. I’m glad to hear you’re set on both ends here. If you ever find yourself working on another project where this calendar might come in handy, definitely do feel free to reach out. There is no statute of limitations on this and as long as I’m with Modern Tribe, the offer to contact me directly for a hookup stands.

    Like everyone, we’re always learning. We’d never seen demand for an uninstall situation but there’s no question it adds value and is best practice from an industry standpoint. Know that it is on the radar so others won’t find themselves in this same position.

    Thanks again for taking the time to follow up.

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