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  1. donbucknall
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello everyone,

    I can't find a plugin I need, and I don't know if it exists.

    For an event I need volunteers and they need to register via a website. I'll make an example:

    There are three days of work, friday, saturday and sunday. The days are divided in 4 shifts of 6 hours. So in total there are 12 shifts of 6 hours. For every shift there are multiple volunteers needed. (for different tasks, but it is not mandatory for this to be a choice)

    What I need is a form or registration page where volunteers can sign up and choose which two shifts they want. But if a shift is full, the option should be disabled.

    Is there a plugin what allows me to do this, or does anyone have ideas how to accomplish this?

    Thanks alot!!


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