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    When I use the Credly Badge-Builder to create a custom Achievement Image for a badge, the badge builds to conclusion (“Badge Image Saved!”), then I get the message “Updating featured image, please wait…”

    But nothing happens after that. The newly created Credly badge image doesn’t attach to the badge in my system.

    Things I’ve Tried To Resolve This:
    –waiting 10 minutes for the message to change
    –clicking Update
    –clicking View Page
    –switching browsers

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Forgive me for this, but what is your site again? I know I’ve logged in before, I just can’t remember which one it is, and I seem to manage to get a lot of BadgeOS related logins. I’d love to see if I can re-create this myself and see what may be going on. I should still have the login credentials in my email, just can’t remember which to use 🙂

    This is with one of our partner school sites 🙂

    And I was just about to update this thread, as the Credly Badge-Builder is now entirely broken. Here’s a screenshot of one error message. Here’s a screenshot of the other.

    We’ve double-checked the credentials, they’re correct. Any thoughts?

    (They’re hoping to launch tomorrow. Email me if you need back-end access. Thanks!)

    Just on a whim, could you delete your current credly api token and then re-login to credly from your BadgeOS settings page to get a new one? Once done, try the badge builder again and see if it repeats those.

    Hi. Did you ever resolve this issue? I am having the same issue and have tried deleting the API key and re-entering my information.

    I can use the credly badge builder but at the last save screen, it returns to the Word Press page I was editing with no saved image and no image in the library.

    Any ideas beyond deleting the API key (this has not seemed to work for me).

    I’d need to re-investigate. Not sure we managed to find anything for certain.

    Hi there! I followed your directions and the problem is persisting. Why is this issue marked as resolved?

    Had no activity for 8 months, that’s all.

    Hi all:
    I know this is probably not helpful, but in my case, the Credly badge builder is now saving the badge and attaching the to the particular achievement type. It is also saving the image in the library. I have no explanation for this. I can say that I logged out of WordPress and came back several days to address it, but I can’t say that know what was different except that it magically began working.

    Ivanasup: that’s great news! What version of WP and BadgeOS are you using?

    WP 4.1
    BadgeOS 1.4.3

    May have been hickups on the other end of the Credly API as well, that we weren’t aware of.

    similar issue that I’m experiencing, however badges created using Credly Badge Builder are NOT loading into the Media library. Running WordPress 3.9. Any thoughts?

    Okay all, I will say what I’ve discovered about the Credly Badge Builder. The pattern is that it does NOT load the image when I am simultaneously logged into WP sites, both of which are using the Credly Badge Builder. Say I log in to one site (and am using my Credly API), the badge builder DOES attach the images. Then I open another window of the same or different WP site, using the same Credly API, the badge builder does NOT attach the images when I save them.

    I hope this helps.

    Same API credentials you mean?

    yes, using the same API credentials for Credly. one needs to input these in order for the Credly badges to work and if one has two windows open that are simultaneously using the same credly API credentials, the credly badge builder does not “save” the badges that one builds. i am not sure if this makes sense.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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