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    We’ve been using your plugin successfully for a while now to let customers pay with credit cards. A few days ago a customer called us after he couldn’t pay with his card. We tested it and noticed that any credit card tested fails to complete checkout.

    Upon entering card details in the Stripe popup and clicking the “Pay” button, the button becomes green with a checkmark and the checkout page spinner shows for several seconds then the checkout page shows a “On going requests error and retries exhausted.” error.

    Site has SSL, running latest WP 4.9.4.
    Cards tested: Visa & MasterCard.
    WooCommerce version 3.2.6.
    Flatsome theme.

    Thank you for your time.

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  • Plugin Author royho


    You need to check your logs to see what it says.

    Hi Royho and thanks for your lightning fast reply.

    Are you referring to the WooCommerce logs that can be found under status, or something else?

    Plugin Author royho


    Stripe logs. Status->logs->Stripe

    Our site is in Japanese so I assume the statement_descriptor was supposed to be showing Japanese instead of gibberish.

    02-07-2018 @ 11:56:21 – ====Start Log====
    charges request: Array
    [currency] => jpy
    [amount] => 3024
    [description] => Free Style Silver – 注文 13880
    [statement_descriptor] => フリースタイルæ
    [capture] => true
    [expand[]] => balance_transaction
    [metadata] => Array
    [customer_name] => daisuke sato
    [customer_email] =>
    [order_id] => 13880

    [source] => src_1Bsj6RG3jFrNqwV1Kd3aNJlu

    ====End Log====

    02-07-2018 @ 11:56:22 – ====Start Log====
    Error: stdClass Object
    [error] => stdClass Object
    [type] => invalid_request_error
    [message] => Invalid UTF-8 characters found in POST body: “フリースタイル\xE6”. For assistance, please contact
    [code] => invalid_utf8_in_post_body


    ====End Log====

    Plugin Author royho


    That’s where the issue is. Statement descriptor must be in English.

    I haven’t edited anything in the plugin files and it worked flawlessly with the site being in Japanese all along.

    What should I do?

    I see it’s in the billint settings of my Stripe Account, I’ll give it a look and update you.

    Thanks a lot!

    It was already set in English with the additional Japanese specific fields being set in Japanese.

    Plugin Author royho


    Hmmm I don’t understand. How come you have multiple fields? There should only be one. Perhaps that is the reason. You may have some sort of translation plugin that is causing this.

    I don’t have any translation plugin.

    That picture is from the Stripe site account settings page. They are necessary for Stripe accounts in Japan since they use several writing system here.

    Thing is, the plugin worked just fine until recently with the same setting.

    I’ve also written about it to the Stripe support team.

    Would you like to have a look around the site or maybe I can provide additional details?

    As a test I’ll remove those 2 Japanese fields from my account settings page.

    Plugin Author royho


    Check your statement descriptor setting on your site. Not Stripe account.

    Good lord, that was it!

    Thank you very much Royho, I’d be lost without you.

    One more question if I may.

    Where can I manually translate the “Your card is not supported.” error message when a customer tries to use a credit card that isn’t supported in Japan (JCB for example).

    I’ve checked the PO files of the plugin but couldn’t find it. I don’t use any translation plugins.

    Plugin Author royho


    If you could show me an actual message screenshot, I can check for you.

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