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    For some reason the credit card fields for Stripe do not appear in chrome and safari.
    They appear fine in Firefox.
    I have asked for support to my theme developer but they can’t figure it out.
    I have deactivated and reactivated each plugin I have installed to try to find the conflict but nothing seems to work.
    At the moment I have an overlay checkout thing that sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t (the theme developer is checking that out) so to test my problem the best thing is to go to

    I would be truly grateful if someone could help, it is the holidays and i was hoping to make the most of it with my woocommerce shop.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Howdy 🙂

    Typically issues like this may be caused by either a conflict with your theme or with another plugin. How we usually address this type of issue is to have you temporarily switch back to a default WordPress theme such as WordPress Twenty Seventeen Theme ( or Storefront ( and disable all plugins except for WooCommerce and Stripe. If that resolves the issue, then re-enable features one-by-one until you find the one that’s causing the conflict.

    Kind regards,

    having the same issue. the fields look to be there but cannot be filled in with credit card details. had to disable STRIPE payment and just go with paypal for now.

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    @tinch72 The issue that you describe is not the same.

    That said, the first steps towards resolution are the same as listed.

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    I went ahead and did what was suggested. I changed the theme to Storefront and deactivated plugin by plugin to test in Chrome and Safari.
    I even deactivated all my extensions in Chrome.
    The credit card fields still do not appear.
    They only show in Firefox.
    My theme developer said it seems all the errors are javascript from WooCommerce somewhere..but I have no idea where.

    Here are two screenshots for Chrome for Firefox

    Could you please take a look? It was clearly not my theme. Should I post in the WooCommerce support board?

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    Howdy 🙂

    Should I post in the WooCommerce support board?

    No, you should not.

    So, this is interesting. I used an older version of Chrome (68.0.3440.84) and the fields do show up:

    The only thing that I can think of that would be causing this is that the newer version of Chrome is rejecting the SSL certificate.

    It’s odd because I use Let’s Encrypt for all of my sites and this issue does not present itself there, e.g.

    At this point, I feel you need to reach out to your host for assistance with the SSL certificate as I have every reason to suspect that something is wrong with how it is provisioned, though nothing is apparent as the lock icon appears in the URL bar and the certificate does indeed appear to be valid. If you have Stripe debug logging enabled, there may be clues in the logs for that under WooCommerce -> Status -> Logs and then look in the dropdown for any items referencing Stripe, select that and press “view” to see the logs.

    The only other possible idea that I have is that the issue with the JavaScript errors (Cookie not defined) is directly related to why the Stripe fields are not output. In many cases this is caused by an outdated ruleset for the PHP MOD_SECURITY module. You will need to get your host to get that fixed for you.

    Even if the Stripe fields are displayed, they would not work as expected while this JavaScript error is present. That JavaScript error is also why the store notice can not be dismissed. This JavaScript error will also prevent many other things from working correctly.

    If your host is unwilling or unable to help you resolve these issues, then you may want to investigate moving your site to a host that is more appropriate to your business needs.

    Kind regards,


    After doing my tour with Stripe themselves and my host..
    The culprit was Mailchimp’s pop up code.

    Old code I had used in the header through the insert headers and footers plugin. 🙄

    It seems this is resolved now.
    Thank you so much for your help and patience.



    Just received a complaint from a customer about the same thing – no checkout fields. I’m waiting on the customer to email me back (hopefully) so that I can find out what browser she is using. I checked with an old version of IE, the latest versions of Safari, Firefox and Chrome and the credit card field displays. The odd thing is Stripe logs the customer account creation but nothing at all for payment. How can a customer use a payment form and just create an account on Stripe without a validated payment?


    The customer originally tried with Internet Explorer. I suggested she try another browser and she claims the latest version of Chrome will not work for her either. I wonder if she has browser plugins or internet security software that is hijacking the credit card field. She sent me a screenshot and can see it, but can’t type in it.

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