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  • Hi, I’m having problems with the breadcrumb navigation on Creativix. The problem only occurs with the portfolio pages.

    When I click on any of the drop down menu items under portfolio, the breadcrumb trail tells me exactly where I am, eg Home > Press or Home > Direct Mail etc. But when I click on the subsequent portfolio title, the navigation automatically reverts to Home > Direct Mail, regardless of which section I am in.

    The navigation path works fine for any other area of the site, just not the portfolio. I’m not great at coding so if anyone can workout what’s going wrong I’d appreciate it.

    My site is


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  • I’ve tried a few variations and have come to a conclusion. I’d say it’s a bug, but what do i know.

    So, as you probably know, the section is named by the category a portfolio post is filed under. I’ve created 10 categories and named them alphabetically a random name from A – J. I found out, that when I delete, lets say, the A named category, navigation automatically reverts to the next letter category, named B. That is, no matter that I have assigned different categories to different posts, when I click on a post, the alphabetically next in line category shows up in navigation.

    Thanks for this Nietzschean. I guess if it’s a bug, there’s not much I can do about it until the developers fix it.

    I’m not strong enough at PHP coding to be able to fix it myself. Any takers out there?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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