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  • Hello,

    I tried asking this question but felt my method of explaining it too complex.

    Here is a simpler question.

    I have a custom wordpress theme, address below, for which i have a section called prints for sale. Each square print is a post. Each post needs some custom field action to get a paypal button to appear underneath the post.

    I added about ten of these custom fields to the print category .php page:

    <? gpm(‘paypal_link’,'<span class=”paypal”><img src=”‘.get_bloginfo(‘template_url’).’/core/trend_images/paypal20.png” /></span>’)?>

    The first 6 worked a dream.

    I now needed some more for a different category, greetings cards, of things for sale. So I added 16 more for all of the different options available. Trouble is this time when I added them to the .php page it didn’t work.

    Can anyone explain why they don’t work this time?

    If there is a workaround i can use without destroying the custom fields I have in place already I’m keen to know.

    The page I am adapting is this one: taxonomy-print_categories.php

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