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  1. Truemedia
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I am working on a login system that creates several cookies at once (for several open source software systems, such as wordpress and phpbb). To do this I have created a login page that directs information to a page that creates cookies specific to each section of my website.
    (My website is http://www.mediacityonline.net).

    My wordpress blog is located in the directory http://www.mediacityonline.net/news, and my login page is located in my main directory (www.mediacityonline.net/login.php). Is there anyway I can call wordpress functions to create a cookie from information sent from login.php to loginck.php (loginck.php is the page that actually creates cookies, and takes posted information, and creates variables($_POST[''] = $var;).

    I have managed to do this with phpbb and an account system I made so far, but is there anyway this can be done with wordpress.

  2. Truemedia
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I have looked at simillar solutions on the website and across the internet, but I havn't found anything that shows the actual functions and variables needed.

    This is for a subscriber login and admin login.

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