• I am still on the verge of shifting from Elementor to Gutentor.

    One thing I will like to ask, is for Gutentor to have a Testimonial Carousel/ Testimonial Slider.

    When will you likely implement this?


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    Hello @gamicord,

    Gutentor has Slider Block and Carousel Block. Not only Testimonial Carousel/Testimonial Slider, you can create any design related to Slider/Carousel.

    I think you should understand the concept of Gutentor Elements and Gutentor Module from the Gutentor ( wp plugin page). There are other modules to create other complex designs. You can view other possible designs on Gutenberg Templates.


    Gutentor elements are conceptualized to use inside the Gutentor Modules but of course, you can use them anywhere on your editor.


    Gutentor modules are designed and developed in such a way that you can construct a more complex structure. Technically most of the gutentor modules are composed of gutentor elements or used as a container for gutentor elements.

    Best Regards!

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    This your answer is so informative.

    For a long time, I’ve been struggling to understand the difference between Gutentor Elements and Gutentor Modules. I think a lot of the reasons why I struggle with using Gutentor is actually because I don’t understand the clear difference between Gutentor Elements and Gutentor Modules.

    Another reason why I struggle with Gutentor is because I sometimes don’t know how to build things with the Concept of Gutentor Modules.

    So I’d like to ask that– How can I create this kind of Testimonial Slider– https://prnt.sc/12k47kt using Gutentor?

    What I mean is that you should Please help me highlight the steps and tools or Elements that I need to use.


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    @gamicord Gutentor Modules Provides Layout Design, and you simply put Gutentor Elements inside them according to your needs of content.
    For the screenshot carousel design

    • Add Carousel Module
    • For top image and rating, add Advanced Columns inside it with two-column and add an image element in the first column and rating element on the second column
    • Add simple text after Advanced Columns, with border-bottom option
    • For footer design, add 2 simple text

    You can design the first column and duplicate it for the design. It will save a lot of time.

    If you import and see some of the templates from the above-provided link, I think you will have some idea.

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