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  • Hello all,

    First reference site:

    I attempting to add subpages to these portfolio categories you will see in the menu, such as, Grooming and Boarding located in the menu. As you can see the URL doesn’t change which makes for a SEO suicide.

    The static page however creates a subpage as seen in HOME STATIC within the menu.
    Below I will paste the code for each and hope that someone might be able to suggest alternations for the PAGE.php to achieve this subpage change.

    Many thanks in advance for anyone willing to offer advice.

    [Too much code to post here]

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  • Have you asked the developers for help with this? These forums don’t support commercial themes, so they’d be the ones to answer any theme-specific questions.

    Also, you really can’t post that much code on these forums – you need to use a pastebin for that much –

    Unfortunately yes, I have tried the support the developers claim to offer and they haven’t responded within 3 weeks.

    My apologies for posting that much code. It’s my first time using this forum, which was my last hope.

    The client is running a print ad in two days which puts my future jobs at risk If I can’t sort this out.

    Would you happen to know of any other place I could get advice on a matter such as this?

    Thank you for such a prompt response.
    Much appreciated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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