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  • I have a WordPress Multisite installation that is configured using subdomains. So,, etc.

    Now, location1 wants to install another non WordPress application into a subdirectory like so:

    How do I install this application in that directory when that subdomain does not exist on my server? And when I do create it, won’t it effectively kill the Mulitisite created subdomain?

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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    If you do it traditionally, yes.

    What kind of app is it? There are some work arounds.

    I don’t know the details about the application itself. They have asked if it is possible. I think it’s some sort of a custom sales application that is written in php. It’s not related to WordPress at all and there are no plugins or anything for it.

    What is the workaround? I just want to let them know whether it is possible or not and how easily it can be done.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    Depending on the app, you MAY be able to just put it in the ‘folder’ off the main site.

    See if you make a folder called ‘foobar’ and put it in the same level as your wp-config, then you’ll have it accessable from all sites.

    And so on.

    So you can actually use as the defined location. If the app doesn’t need to know it’s real URL and can work relative, it’s much easier. If it HAS to know it’s real URL, I’m pretty sure it’ll still work.

    Now obviously that means every site would work — would be a valid URL. So if that’s an issue, you’d want to put in a .htaccess redirect in that someapp folder to say ‘If you didn’t come here from, redirect to ….’

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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