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Creating sub blog of an existing blog on multisite

  • Hi

    I have a multisite at ilocals.info

    I have a site at for example capeholidays.ilocals.info with a domain capeholidays.info

    I am thinking of creating a site at luxury.capeholidays.info site.

    I can do this by creating a subdomain via Control Panel luxury.capeholidays.info and then create a site luxury.ilocals.info and then mapping the subdomain luxury.capeholidays.info over it.

    But I thought of creating a sub sub site at luxury.capeholidays.ilocals.info and mapping the domain luxury.capeholidays.info over it. (I hope you follow me ;-))

    The reason why: I don’t know if this is true or not but I felt the blog.capeholidays.ilocals.info would be better for SEO purposes.

    Can this be done and should I bother or just stick with blog.capeholidays.info and map the luxury.capeholidays.info over it.

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