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    I am setting up a site for my kids' school's parents organisation, and I want to create page permissions, so that I can give the Band people access to edit the content on the Band pages, the Chess people access to edit the content on the Chess pages, etc. I still want these pages to be accessible to anyone (i.e. not just members/users of the site).
    I've installed the 'Members' plugin, and used this to create specific roles. I've created users and linked them to the roles, but am stuck on figuring out how to allow these users access to the relevant pages.
    For example, I've created a user called 'band_admin' with a role 'Band Administrator', but how do I limit this person's access to just the 'Band' page?
    My site is http://www.wpspandc.com.au

  2. Aaron
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    Been awhile since I used it but I think this plugin can do it http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/role-scoper/

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    Thanks for this. I looked into Role Scoper, and saw that its developer has released another (paid) plugin, Press Permit, which promises to be better than Role Scoper, so I installed that and have destroyed my site. Permissions are all over the place, and I'm tempted to delete my site and start all over again!! Ahhhh!!!

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