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  • I am trying to set a podpress feed setup for my custom post type. I’ve got everything showing in the feed just like I want it, except I can’t seem to get the custom posts to show up with the built in UI features. I know there is a way to get them to show up if you add a query string to the URL, but I don’t like this method as it makes the URL not very SEO.

    Here’s a couple of reasons/limitations that I observed when playing with it:
    1) I can’t use the file type filter, because it seems to only apply where post_type is “post”
    2) I can’t use the category filter, because it also seems to only show categories from “posts” and therefore I can’t select the categories I have assigned to my custom post type.

    What I think would work great is if you could add a third additional “pre-filter” that would let you filter for the feed by post_type… showing the built in types plus any custom ones that have been registered in the system (I’ve seen you already have this under general settings, to allow you to add the podpress editor to the custom post type editor screens, which is GREAT!). Seems the WP_Query function allows you to do “any” or a list of selected post types:

    Once you have this “pre-filter” selected, the categories filter could potentially update to filter down to the categories that apply to the post types you have selected.

    I dug into the code a little bit and I have temporarily fixed this for myself by adding the following code to line 1059 of podpress.php (I’m using

    This forces all podpress feeds to only show content that has a post type of “com_sermon”, which is the post type of my custom type. This will work fine for me, but I think a great enhancement would be what I have suggested above, so that the code doesn’t need to be edited.

    By the way, here’s my (temporary) feed:

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  • One more thing to add, another reason I can’t use the post_type url in the query string is because then I wouldn’t be able to customize the details of the feed… I would I have to take on the defaults that are specified, which I don’t want to do because I cannot override the title of the feed in the default feed.

    I also just did (another) search and found this that I hadn’t found before:
    where you describe a (coding) method that accomplishes similar to my suggestion, but editing the theme rather than the plugin. I’ll probably go this route for now, but I still think my suggestion would be a great addition to podpress for creating custom feeds for custom post types through the podpress admin ui.

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    After a long time and after holidays I work again on the next version of podPress and I will definitely think about your suggestions and ideas and report back when I can tell you more about my plans.


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    In the next podPress version is going to have such a feature. It will be possible to add posts of custom post types to podPress Feeds or to make them basically custom post type feeds.
    The current Development Version does already include this feature.

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