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  • Hi,

    I’ve recently starting using wordpress and am a bit lost.

    I have setup the menu with pages. One of my pages in tv shows.

    In tv shows I am wanting to put a grid picture view of the shows I’ll be reviewing.

    So you click tv shows and that page will have a picture of game of thrones with game of thrones heading under it, and next to that walking dead and so forth.

    Once you click on game of thrones, I want it to show up the actual posts which come under game of thrones.

    Then you can click on one of those posts say top game of thrones deaths and read it.

    I’m not sure which is a post and which is a page and how to implement this

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  • Hello femmesonfemmes,

    I would recommend using posts rather than pages for this on WordPress. You can create different categories for each of your TV Shows. So then you would’t need to create a page for each show but rather a category. Depending on your theme you can display images on a category page. So each time you make a post for let’s say GOT then make sure to select the GOT category and it will display there.


    So from my homepage I’d go to

    TV Shows: would this be a page or a category?
    This would display all the tv shows say GOT and TWD

    Then when you clicked on the picture of GOT, it would take you to a category or page? That has all the posts for GOT

    I have since tried this out

    Having TV Shows as the category on my navigation bar. My posts are categorized under pretty little liars but when I click tv shows it shows both posts I made rather than showing another category where I can access both posts.

    TV Shows could be either, if you don’t want any posts on it then perhaps a page, if you want posts then a category.

    Please can you send me a link to your website femmesonfemmes so that I can check and give you an informed reply.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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