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    Hi Pete,

    1. You need to add products via the main WP Catalogue tab. You’ll see when you’re adding products there is a field for uploading your 3 images for each product.

    2. I can see on your site you’ll also want to adjust the css slightly to allow for a slightly smaller right hand column in the catalogue so that the products sit nicely. Add this code to your theme css:

    #wpc-col-2 {
    width: 692px !important;
    float: left;

    Thanks for the response. I am making good progress now but can’t find where to include the theme css. I have gone to:

    Appearance > Editor > style.css but I don’t see #wpc-col-2 there. I do see it when I view source on my page.

    Also, I am having some problems showing All Products showing and possibly some individual categories. I know there is some info in the forums on this but I need to do some more digging.

    FYI – I had to reset my permalinks like you described to someone else in the forums to get my products pages to show after creating them.


    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    The code isn’t yet in your theme css so you’ll need to just copy the code above and paste it in at the bottom of your theme style.css

    The code appears slightly differently in the plugin style.css (width: 712px;) but what we’re actually wanting to do here on your site is override that (hence the !important; tag) It’s best to do this in your theme css because if you did it in the plugin css then when you update the plugin in the future you would overwrite the change. Make sense?

    Re the All Products… I’m working on that fix and will post an update in the relevant threads once that’s done. 🙂

    Yeah, I actually tried just pasting that code in the style.css last night and it doesn’t seem to work.

    I did not realize there was a difference in the theme vs plugin css. I included it (and just put it back in) and still no change.

    Appearance > Editor > Style.css is where I inserted the code at the bottom.

    If I go to Plugins > Editor > WP Catalogue – I don’t even see a .css file.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    I think you might be pasting it in the wrong file…. remember most of your plugins as well as your theme all have css files most of which will be called style.css so you need to make sure you’re pasting this code in your active theme’s main css.

    I find its a lot easier to use FTP for stuff like this btw….

    I’ve looked closely and I am 99% sure I have been putting the code in the correct style.css.

    I am using the switch theme. It shows as my ‘Current Theme’. For some reason, the files for this theme are located in this folder on the server:

    wp-content/themes/deliverables/switch and not directly under the /themes directory.

    I used ftp to pull the style.css file from the /switch directory and the code I added to change the css from the WSYWIG in WP is definitely in the style.css.

    Any other thoughts?

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Ok if that’s not working you will have to modify the css in the plugin style.css ( )on line 44 adjust the width to 692px This will solve your layout problem.

    Remember that now if you update the plugin it would overwrite this change so either don’t update, or make a note of the change and re-apply it if/when you update in the future.

    Thanks EnigmaWeb! You have been very helpful. I modified the plugin css and it helped some. The products are no long under each class but out to the right. I still cannot get 3 to fit but I may try to modify the thumbnail sizes so they fit better.

    My product thumbnails are different sizes so they don’t look that great. How can I remove the border around the product images? I looked at the theme css but can’t find where to change this. I saw some examples on the support forum (heatherbynum) where people have implemented without the borders. I can inquire there if you’d rather.

    Thanks again for all your help. It has been great. I will give your plugin a great review.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Cool, thanks and glad you got it working.

    Yeah in a nutshell, you can make any customisations you want to how it looks using css. Technically you should be doing it in your theme so I would recommend you try to get that working, but failing that you can adjust/add/delete css in the plugin style.css to tweak the layout and design exactly how you want.

    Good review always appreciated – thanks! 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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