• Website is all static content stored in tables (tablepress plugin) for easy maintenance. Currently have child theme of twentysixteen. Have no static pages defined save for the front page that the theme seems to require. Am trying to use a single page template (e.g., page.php) w/ uri query args to dynamically generate all content. I dynamically generate the menus (w/ inserting these uri query args) from my tables too. The nav menus are correctly formed, but I am not getting the url/page template to work and get “not found” returns when clicking on my menu links. My page.php is in the child theme. Currently have permalink setting to custom, w/ a %postname% tag, but that is likely not correct usage for my needs. Last, how can I step through the loading process to possibly see where I am going wrong??

    site is arsls.hcro.org/documentation

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    the original query string used single letter keywords, e.g., ?s=XXX&y=WWW&t=MMM When I changed the (all?) keywords to something more verbose (parent=XXX) then it worked. wonder why?

    wonder why?

    WordPress uses some defaults, for example ?s=term is a search.

    Yours need to be unique from those.

    You can find a list here.

    Themes and/or plugins can add and/or modify them.

    Take a look at the Rewrite API at link given.

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