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  • Hi All,
    I have a theme which supports 1 navigation menu. Untill now that menu has worked fine but as my site has grown the navigation is getting cluttered. I’d like to put seperate navigation menues on the home page and 3 of the sub-pages.

    I have sucessfully fiddled with my functions.php file and am now able to get a second menu option under Apperance -> Menues. I’ll call them ‘Main_Nav’ and ‘Extra_Nav’.

    I have also fiddled with my header.php file so that my header displays Either my ‘Main_Nav’ or my ‘Extra_Nav’ menu.

    I have two problems which are related.
    1)I’m able to display one or the other menu but not both.
    2)Once I can use both menues simultanisouly who do I assign individual pages to display ‘Main_Nav’ or ‘Extra_Nav’?

    Thank you all in advance.
    p.s. appoligies if this has been asked and answered I searched and didn’t see anything.

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