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  • On my old, built from scratch, website, I had a section containing various links to other sites. The links were categorized and each category had its own page. While the abilities of the blogroll in WP are nice, my sidebar is ever growing in length, so I’d like to create a links area, with sub-pages for each category.

    Since my theme didn’t come with a links page template, I had to create one. It currently lists ALL the links in the blogroll. Is there a way to code this template so that I can assign different link categories for each sub-page. Or is there a compatible plugin, that I have overlooked, that can do this for me?


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  • Hi

    For starters, spend some time studying this page:

    This is a very flexible routine that allows you to configure and format your links in many different ways. Link categories are an integral part of the WP system, but they have to be turned on, which you can do with wp_list_bookmarks. You can also display only a specific category, which leads to how you can format link display on your sub-pages.

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