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    In the press release announcing Word Press is now available via Yahoo hosting, it says a single blog or dozens can be created in “seconds”. I was wondering if anyone knew an efficient way to create multiple blogs from within the Yahoo hosting and admin. interface.

    I called Yahoo tech support and they said they couldn’t support Word Press questions.

    Is there a way to modify the settings for one blog and then create new blogs that all share the same properties… instead of having to create each blog individually and then modify.

    I know there are some hacks for multiple blogs if you are hosting but if Yahoo is hosting, what is the best way to create multiple blogs sharing the same properties.


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  • Usually the “dozens” means dozens of installs.
    There is no way to have multiple blogs and managed from one single admin interface.

    Thanks very much.

    When I create a second blog from the admin interface in Yahoo hosting for Word Press, do you know if it re-installs the entire Word Press application or does it just add another database or table to the existing files set-up in the first installation.

    If I create multiple blogs will it take a lot of memory by installing all the files or is this not an issue.

    If there is no way to manage multiple blogs from single admin interface, is it possible to create multiple blogs and then adjust property settings of these blogs by programming or going into MySQL and running a SQL script?

    I’m an instructor and wanted to create about one hundred blogs on different course topics. I know I could use categories but I would like to keep the topics completely separate.

    It only takes a few minutes to set up one blog with Yahoo hosting / Word Press but it takes about a half hour to adjust the settings… wondering if there is any way around spending 30 min. x 100 instances to set-up. 🙂

    Sorry for the long posting… I’m new with Word Press so hopefully my questions aren’t too dumb… I spent a few hours searching google, trying to talk with Yahoo and looking at the Word Press forums but can’t find an answer.


    As moshu said, “There is no way to have multiple blogs and managed from one single admin interface.”

    Based on your requirements, you might consider looking at WordPressMU

    Thanks for your responses Michael and Moshu. I will check out WordPress MU.

    You might wanna rethink your whole strategy while you’re at it.

    Thanks to the above poster… that’s exactly the kind of detailed info I was looking for with deciding to go with Yahoo hosting. I was surprised that there weren’t more postings with the advantages and disadvantages of Yahoo hosting of Word Press… it looked like big news to me but wanted to make informed decision before using it.

    You’re very welcome.

    And if you think of who is gaining and who is losing with the Yahoo situation you’ll understand why that info is not on this site but instead on third party sites.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I called Yahoo tech support and they said they couldn’t support Word Press questions.

    That is marvellous. Great.

    From the hosting page:
    24×7 toll-free phone support.

    “Hi, you are through to Yahoo support. How can I help you ?”
    I’ve got a WordPress blog and it’s gone wrong.
    “I’m sorry. We can’t support that”

    And they do automatic upgrades !?

    I knew there was a reason I like you, podz!

    You guys are so excitable.

    kickass, I responded to your mostly-wrong post in the comments, I hope you let the comment through moderation.

    “I called Yahoo tech support and they said they couldn’t support Word Press questions.”

    They can’t answer WordPress questions like we do here, about things like how to make a link or change your permalink structure, or the question above. How are they supposed to know about MU or whatever? They provide phone support for their web hosting, not for third-party products. They don’t provide WP answers for the same reason we don’t provide hosting answers, there’s a more appropiate forum.

    Well, then – maybe yahoo needs to put some not so small print in there that says: “Sorry. We have no knowledge of wordpress – all we do is pay the guy and provide space for you “bloggers”. So don’t call us for support if it’s a wordpress question.”

    Of course I did, Matt. I don’t censor my blog. Funny how my trackbacks to the wordpress blog don’t make it through though.

    Oh – well, that COULD maybe have something to do with the fact that trackbacks don’t seem to be working in 2.0 AT ALL – see this thread f’rinstance….

    It would certainly be too bad if your trackbacks got “excised”; but then, I’m not sure that “release software” with a problem of this magnitude is preferable….

    Oh, but Vkaryl, if I read that thread right 2.0 CAN receive from my blog, they just can’t send, and they can’t receive from 2.0 blogs. I think. Maybe. I dunno, I kinda got lost in that 4 page thread . . . Almost as bad as the permalink and third party posting threads . . .

    Yes…. all part and parcel actually. I don’t do the whole trackback/pingback thing so I was lost in it long before you were! I just keep telling them to post to the wp-testers list; seems like the only place anyone gets any answers at all any more….


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