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  • C.Flores


    What is the easiest way to go about creating multiple, but completely unrelated blogs on one domain? Im not creating a website that hosts many random blogs. Im creating a website that has 3 designated writers, writing for each of their own blogs. On my domain.

    I tried doing 2 installs of WP. 1 in the root, and one in a sub directory URL structure. ( But if I tried to do it this way, those 2 installs of WP would be completely unrelated and I do not know that it is possible that way. Atleast without extensive coding. And extensive coding is not in my area of expertise, neither is basic coding for that matter. lol.

    So I assume WP has some sort of default Multi-Blog type of setup that would enable me to run several (3) blogs in which each has its own content. But is this the best way to go? I used WP a long time ago and attempted to do something along the same lines, but from what I remember I couldnt get WP to correctly assign content where I wanted it.

    The MAIN thing is that each blog will have a different user so whatever setup I choose I need it to be able to let me easily distinguish whos content is whos, and exactly where it goes.

    I want my site to be structured like this.

    Home page (
    Static pages (, /FAQ, etc…)
    Blog1 (
    Blog2 (
    Blog3 (

    Please guys, and ladies, let me know if you have any helpful ideas.

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  • Pioneer Web Design


    WordPress Network is an advanced topic, but what you desire to setup is both doable and not uncommon.



    Thank you for the reply and great timing! I just finished the process of creating a network (sub-directory) and now I just need to figure out how to actually set it up with my pages and such.

    *And by pages I mean…? not pages, but other networks? :]

    Thats whats so frustrating. I know it’s common, but since I know very little about correct terminology and such, its hard to explain.

    -And now Im trying to figure out why the sub directory isnt working, although I did get the network admin menus and everything functional.

    Take a look.

    Pioneer Web Design


    With the speed at which you have adapted to the the issues involved, I am sure your will be fine.

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