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  • Hello All,

    When 3.0 came out it was cited that one can make a Movie Review site using custom post types and taxonomies as an example of using wordpress as a CMS. I want to try to do this as a learning example: I have experience programming but not with WP.

    Basically I’m looking for guidance on how to structure the post types, tags and taxonomy type stuff. I can figure out HOW to do this from reading wordpress docs; I’m just mainly looking for “battle plan” help for an example scenario.

    As a small test case let’s assume there are only 3 genres of movies: Action, Drama, and Comedy, and that my database has 5 movies of each type.

    On the top nav I’d want a “Genre” tab that would display the 3 movie genres in drop down. When one of these is clicked I’d like it to go to a page for the genre (so there should probably be a “genre” custom post type), that has some text about the genre and then a displays a list of the 5 movies in that genre.

    When one of the movies is clicked it should go to a page for that movie (so there should probably be a “movie” custom post type) that display some text about the movie, some text about the genre its in (so this page needs to somehow know what genre its tied to), and two links: one to photos of the movie and one to a review of the movie.

    When you click on Pictures it would just show some pictures for the movie (so moviePicture or some such should be a custom post type).

    When you click on Review it should go to a written review (so movieReview should be a custom post type)

    Also, let’s say there is another tab on the main navigation just called “movies” that shows a list of all 15 movies and when you click on it, it jumps right to the “movie info” page above (skipping the genre step).

    Whew…so say I want to set something up just like that; can someone whose familiar with WP 3.0 help me come up with the proper structure of taxonomies, tax, and post types that corresponds with the above? Thanks in advance!

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  • I am hoping for help with something like this too. I tried to ask like you are back before 3.0 and never got a satisfactory response. Let’s hope that with 3.0’s features someone more familiar with it will lead us down the right path…

    Let’s start a fund to donate to the person who finally posts a complete solution. I’m putting in US$50.

    Ok, it is good you need help, but it is always best to at least try to show you are putting work into it. There are many tutorials ( I assume you read Tadlock’s piece ) out there, but you should be trying to put this code up. People will help if you are getting things together, but you are not going to get someone who is going to give you a specific battle plan or a “complete solution”. Planning always take much longer than building a website itself.

    That being said, you can create one post type (movies). You can make a category for “reviews” and for “images”.

    1.For movies, create a post-type page:

    If you still have issues with code, use CMS Press or a post-type plugin maker.

    2. You will then have to make a template (single-posttypename.php). You can copy from single.php, and make additions.

    3. One way to put it together is to query similar reviews and images to the post. Using a custom taxonomy would do the trick. Make a taxonomy name called “movie”. Make sure all custom types including post uses it.

    4. Add a movie, “Batteries not Included” you could say, to the movie section. Mark it as the movie name (Batteries Not Included). When you add a review, do the same thing (Batteries Not Included). Same for images.

    5. In the movie template, you want to show the review. You can show a link, link and excerpt, image, whatever you want:

    Use the code above, paste it, change the taxonomy to whatever you called the movie name taxonomy. For reviews, it would be in the review category.

    Paste again (make sure there is a query reset in there somewhere ), and do the same for images. If you use a custom field for images, you probably can even show them in the single template. From there, you should have the movie, content, related reviews, and related images.

    Read up on this stuff. If you take a whole day studying what I have and what is in the forums, you should be good.

    Hi, thanks for the big reply! I spent many hours in version 2.x trying to figure this out and gave up. Now at best I have one hour a day of quality time to devote to this so it becomes frustrating very quickly.

    Using your general guide, here is how far I got in 20 minutes.

    1. Installed fresh WP 3 and CMS press plug-in using XAMMP.
    2. Using CMS press, add custom content type called Movie. (Why the author doesn’t just call it a custom post type?)
    3. Copy single.php from the default theme to single-movie.php and add some unique output so I know it works.
    4. Using CMS press, add taxonomy named movie.

    Everything seems to be OK but after I save it, I now see a new section in my admin panel:

    –Add new

    Just seeing “Movies” twice under Movies tells me I made a wrong turn already and am heading toward a cliff, but I click Add new and create a movie called ‘Batteries Not Included’ and publish it, but when I try to view it, it says Page Not Found.

    As best I can tell, the furthest safe step I got to was step 3.

    If I had a week off from work to dedicate to this, I might be able to come up with something usable but even with help on the forums I doubt my approach would be as elegant or as logical as one done by, say, one of the WordPress developers. It could be I’d paint myself into a corner and limit myself due to a flawed overall design.

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