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  • Hi

    Need help in creating a Membership site.

    I run a WP based website for freelance models and want to convert it into a Membership site.

    I need models to register (paid annual subscription) and create their profile page (post in a particular category) with their pictures and other details. I will create a contact form using Jetpack for each model so that registered clients can contact the models directly via contact form. Or if their is any better way pls suggest. If the models cancel their subscription at some time, I want that either their profile page (post that they created) shud be converted as draft or the contact form should not appear on the post that they created.

    On the other hand, I need clients to register (and pay a fee or subscription) and post their requirements/assignments in a particular category. These requirements/assignments should be accessible only to paid model members.

    So basically there are 2 type of Members that I need –
    Models – Shud be able to create a post
    – Shud be able to access client requirements/assignments in a particular category say “Models”.
    Clients – Shud be able to access Models contact form that comes below their profile
    – Shud be able to create a post in a particular category say “assignments” only.
    – how can I limit the number of posts clients can create.

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