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    If you create a link in HTML side it disappears – MAJOR ERROR

    When writing or editing a post go to the HTML side to create a link. Save the draft or update the post if published.

    Switch back to visual (which is what most if not all of my clients will do) and the link has disappeared. Switch back to HTML and it has disappeared from there as well.

    Re-create the link in HTML side and publish/update from there and guess what? When you preview or view the actual post? No link!

    No, it’s not a font or font color issue – WP is dropping links from posts.

    It DOES work in the Visual side but the point is if you create a link in the HTML side and it drops it would you know it? I didn’t until I went over my published post to make sure an important link was there. It wasn’t.

    FYI – There is a definite difference in the way the links are coded when you use the link generator. Here is the code from the HTML side:
    <a href="" title="" target="_blank"></a>
    Here is the code from the Visual side:
    <a title="" href="" target="_blank"></a>

    And for goodness sakes, put the kitchen sink on the full page writing page – otherwise why use it?

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    Long standing knowledge: Don’t switch between Visual and HTML editors.

    It’s always been buggy. We never ever ever suggest it.

    The problem is that when you switch back and forth, the TinyMCE translation sometimes has issues.

    In this case it is not a TinyMCE issue.

    Even when you DON’T switch back and forth, as I said above, the link disappears – but now I have a hint as to why –

    In Visual the icon to create a link is not live until you highlight what you want to make a link of. Not so in HTML – the word ‘link’ is always live even if you have nothing highlighted. So it let’s you create a link, but there is nothing chosen as the link, therefore it drops it when you save or update.

    To me? That’s a HUGE issue – If you tell me we have a link, I take your word at it. Not everybody, and certainly not my clients, delve into HTML as deeply as we do.

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    Thats’ not broken

    If you only click ‘link’ and enter in the popup data, it comes back and has <a href=""></a>, that is true, but your cursor is blinking right between > and </a> to tell you what to do.

    Not an error nor broken, just a minor usability gaff.

    If you don’t know HTML, don’t use the html editor. Visual works fine.

    Greeaaatttt – another one of those folks that makes it the users fault instead of listening to the users requests, recommendations and issues.

    Might as well close this discussion.

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    It’s not the user’s fault, it’s a knowledge issue. Now you know why it’s doing it, and it’s pretty basic to adjust to. Yes, you need to change your workflow, but this is how the interface has worked for a while. Just because you don’t like it, or it doesn’t work best for you, doesn’t make it broken 🙂 Just different. And I did say it was a usability gaff, which means I think that it could be BETTER.

    But speaking directly to your ‘it’s broken!’ complaint, no, it’s not broken.

    It certainly could (and should) be better.

    I have been using Chrome web browser and found visual did not work for me so had been using HTML. After updating to 3.2.1, HTML “link” button no longer works. It pops up nothing. I have to type in my stuff manually.

    Google Chrome 12.0.742.112 (Official Build 90304)

    So, for me, this is broken.

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    pogson – You have a different issue, if the Visual mode isn’t working. Please open a NEW topic for that 🙂

    (I’m using Chrome right now on 3.2.1 and I can make links etc without issue. It’s more likely you have a plugin/theme causing issues)

    when i almost finish a post and i do a final edit – I save it and half of my post disappears. It also disappeared half also vanishes from my previous saved drafts.
    this has happened twice in the last 2 days.

    Please post a new topic in the Troubleshooting forum.

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