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  • Hi,

    I’m creating a site for a fashion designer, basically I am creating a set of custom post types “products” and “lookbook pages”. The products are self explanatory, and are categorised by type and style, the lookbook pages about general looks, which pulls in various products bys categories shared with the products… so far so good.

    Thing is – these custom post types are for this year’s collection. Next year I want to start again with a 2014 collection, with the same two custom post types.

    The product and lookbook neeed to be interlinked by collection, but the collections need to be entirely seperate.

    So my question is – can I make groups of custom post types.
    So I would have, for example, 2013 collection with two post types; products 2013 and lookbook 2013 and shared categories, next year I will add 2014 collection with two post types; products 2014 and lookbook 2014 categories.

    A bit general, and I can think of other ways around the issue using categorisation – I’m just wondering if this is an option?

    Can I create sets of custom post types that share a category and are intrinsically linked by being in the same group, but seperate from other groups of custom post types?


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