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  • In a previous, non-network installation I was able to put non-wordpress folders in the root (same folder as wordpress) and WP wouldn’t interfere.

    But, using the network, if I try to put things in the site’s numbered folder, next to /files, I get 404.

    Is there any way to create these kinds of non-WP folders at that level?


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  • if I try to put things in the site’s numbered folder, next to /files, I get 404.

    the rewrite rules will interfere with that. What exactly are you trying to do?

    I’m migrating a site into a network. In the previous installation, WP was installed at the root –

    But I also had folders at that level — — that contain what might be described as stand-alone, non-WP micro-sites. WP was being cool and not interfering with them.

    In the network the site becomes number x. Since blogs.dir/x/files is served as, I had hoped I could simply move the microsite over as blogs.dir/x/foo and have it served as, but no dice.

    Is it possible to create these folders such that they are available as

    Or, less desirable but perhaps workable, redirect* to something like* ?


    Dump ’em in the root.

    the down side is they’ll be served off all blog addresses as well as the previous one.

    That does work! I’m not sure, however, about the resulting mixing of sites… have to decide if it’s worth it in this case.

    Do you think, and this is pie-in-the-sky speculation, that it’s within the realm of the possible to create that functionality — putting them in the blogs.dir/x/ folder — with a plugin?

    Thanks so much for your help!

    I am reminded of the saying “it’s php, anything’s possible”, but it is beyond me. 😀

    Hi Marty,

    Is this what you were talking about? Maybe this will work for you?

    Quoting Mercime:
    Go to Super Admin > Options – Registration Settings – Banned Names = names of subdirectory folders with WP installs
    e.g. if you have actual subdirectory sites at and, include site1 and site2 in list of Banned Names

    So I presume if is a WP blog (with or without multisite), you should be able to run other CMS in and right?
    I think this may work on the first / main domain, as if the wordpress install files are physically in the folder which hosts your domain, then I can’t see why you can’t put another cms in folders etc … if this is another network blog mapped to that main install with a domain mapping plugin may be more complicated

    ahh sorry I just read a bit closer your other post said if u put in the network root they appear for all domains mapped to the network? hmm, didnt realize u had more domains mapped

    anyway best of luck, lmk if any tips!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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