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  • Hi, can you please advise to a nwebie?

    I have an old fully functional html “structure”: index.html with static references to other html’s in the same folder and two sub-folders (images and media).
    Number of files is large and I want keep the existing structure.

    Is there a simple way to create
    sub-folders like “media library”/MYPARENT/images and
    “media library”/MYPARENT/media ?
    All html’s will be uploaded into MYPARENT,
    gif’s into MYPARENT/images
    media files into MYPARENT/media

    If no, I see the only solution in modifying html’s to create the flat structure.

    I should add: this will be on hosted IP thus I am not sure I have access to the root from unix.

    Many thanks

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  • Casey Driscoll


    Hi pegrlom,

    I’m not sure I fully understand the question, but I’ll take a stab at it.

    Are you thinking of converting your current static site to WordPress? The point of that would be to remove content and data from presentation and store it in a database. You would then create a theme that would contain the DB information. So if you were doing a conversion you would have to create each WP page in the system and copy the information over from every file.

    Ultimately this doesn’t seem like a WP question. Are you sure you’re in the right place? Let me know if I can help!


    Hi Casey,

    What a quick response – thanks

    Current scenario:
    index.html is practically a long drop-down list – this is a set of references to staticPage1.html, staticPage2.html etc files from the same folder is index.html.
    These static pages contain also images referred to the sub-folder images/pic1.gif, images/pic2.gif etc

    In other words: e.g. selection of option4 will display staticPage4.html and the resp. set of picture referred there.

    This is a set of 400 files and all works nicely on a fairly old Web site I inherited.

    WordPress scenario 1:
    I can create links to substitute drop-down list and transfer the contents of these html’s into WP.
    Very laborious even if I write html scrapping software…

    WordPress scenario 2:
    Can I have WordPress page with a link to index.html sitting somewhere. Drop-down will be available and I can select which staticPage.html to display.
    Is this possible?

    My other relatively small complication is with sub-folder “images” (I know only about media library and it seems to be flat without subdirectories/subfolders) – all files must live there.
    Permalinks do not support “images” but dates as subfolders and this is not viable.



    Option 1:
    modify HTML and create flat structure
    upload into media
    create post with the reference to media – index.html

    Option 2:
    Via Plugin


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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