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  • First of all BIG thank you for making this plugin, very useful.

    I noticed that if I edit the most recent post with ID = N, then clone or duplicate as “new draft”, the resultant copy will have post with ID N+4, where as I was expecting it would take the next available ID of N+1. Example I just created a new post, it’s ID is 1000. Then I duplicate it, the resulting duplicated post has ID 1004, seems it should have been 1001. If I create 2 posts one after the other they usually have sequential numbering for ids.

    I think this has to do if the post has an image in it’s body but not sure (the reason why I think that is if I try to manually edit a post that has and ID in the range of N+1 to N+3, 2 show up with an empty “Edit Media” page and the other is an empty “Edit Post” page). I think they are ghost entries created to make the final copied post, but looks like a weird “post leak”.

    I just want to make sure this is not a problem and that there is not extra bloat in the database for these “ghost posts” created.

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