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  • I have downloaded and activated the great plugin and I have a few questions that deal with this plugin and how to create an index.php page that lists condensed versions (excerpts) of the most recent blogs instead of the entire thing. I’ve hunted all over the wiki and help files and I’m stuck on how to do this.
    The “condensed content for date and category archives” only creates the look I want when viewed by category, etc. Not by default. How do I set the main page (index.php) to have only excerpts?

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  • One way might be (though not exactly what you asked:) to use the < – – more – – > feature.
    And there is also the_excerpt tag on Wiki.

    in the index.php file, find the_content() and replace it with the_excerpt() … except that will always display the excerpt…. so you may want to use
    If ($single) {
    } else {

    TG is a mind reader 😉 that’s exactly what I thought…

    Oh, its getting worse.
    After applying the_excerpt in index.php, when I go to view a blog entry (clicking on the title since there is no “read on” yet) only the excerpt shows on the blog’s page. The rest of the blog is absent.
    I know I’m messing something up as this should be easy, but I’m not clear on what.
    I just want the first page of the blog to showcase the excerpts of the blogs with a “more” statement to read on. Then I want the whole blog to show up when they click the “read on”.
    This should be SOP, right?

    Okay, now that some time has passed and I’ve overcome my anxiety and increased my confidence and ability to handle what WordPress throws at me under the hood, here is what I learned.

    As you enter the data in your WRITE post, there is a quicktag (little clickable link) above the Post window that says “more”. Click it where you want the content to be continued on the full page and keep on typing. It will automatically list your post to that point on the first page and then say MORE and a click on that will jump the viewer to that spot on the full post.

    This is all spelled out in the help files, but I want to help anyone else, like me, who couldn’t figure that part out.

    The answer given by TechGnome also works. It lists the information as I’ve mentioned above IF there is a MORE in the post. If there isn’t, it lists the EXCERPT and allows the reader to click for more.

    This is so simple, but we all get so excited about figuring it all out right away, we miss the simplicity.

    Thanks all for the help!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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