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  • I have been researching this for the last few days. I have ran across helpful threads but nothing to my avail.

    I’m trying to create a page on my blog, use that page to display recent post but only of excerpts…not the full article. Currently I have it set to a page and display recent posts….and I have along page to scroll through. I’m trying to prevent my readers from seeing this.

    I simply want my recent posts, with maybe 200 – 300 characters of the post with the title. Is that possible? Where do I go to learn how to install this? Is it a plugin? Is it setting I just have to flip?

    Please help. I’m so excited to launch my website.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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  • I’m not sure exactly what you want to do but you need to replace the_content() in your theme files with the_excerpt().

    Thanks for the reply tomontoast.

    I’m probably not being clear. I just want my first page to display small snippits of my posts (the most recent 3). And then my readers can navigate to corresponding category to read the “full” post.

    For instance. In side one of my posts, I have copied the first paragraph and paste it in the “Excerpt” box just below it. How do I use the excerpt on my front page? as opposed to the full article that keeps showing up.

    That is what he told you how to do.

    Basically, you need to go in WP Admin to Appearance > Editor and selected Index.php – this is your homepage.

    Look for the code ‘the_content’ and replace it with ‘the_excerpt’.

    AWWWWWW. Let me try that. Sorry for the mis-understaning. New to this.

    thanks for the clarification rjarmitage

    I looked in WP Admin > Appearance > Editor and I went to index.php . I couldnt locate a code ‘the_content’. Is that the right folder to look under? I did see ‘content’ I tried changing that and it knocked off my ‘sidebars’ on my front page so I changed it back.

    Can I get a little more detail?….thank you again.

    Yea…I’m not sure how to figure this one out. My Theme file index.php doesnt have the ‘the_content’ with in it.

    I know its possible because i have read alot of posts that discuss. My files directory arent on my computer. They are all hosted from Dreamhost via WordPress. So I cant get access to all of it. I dont think I can.

    Please if anyone can help out with little bit more detail.

    I dont want to take the easy way out but is there a plugin I can download that would do this for me?


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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