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    hello there,

    Every time i add something new in ‘add field’ section, it will appear on every ‘choices’ which i created. I wonder is it possible to create individually field combos to ‘choices’ we created?

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  • hommwoodcom


    Anyone my dear friends, this problem put me in a urgent position. Looking for your answers

    Plugin Support Jess Quig


    Hi hommwoodcom,

    I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your question. When you get a chance, could you please try phrasing it a bit differently or possibly adding an example?

    Thanks! 🙂



    Well, Jess @jquigam first thank u for your interest on this topic and i apologise bout my poor English.


    As you see on the first picture, i created several Choices on the left column and drop some field option on right.

    Now my problem is which you can see on the second picture, when i change my choice on the left column, the field options remains same on right. I want to be able to design every ‘choice’ with different field combos.


    Hope u get my problem, other than that, don’t know to explain in different words 🙂

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    Guys im in desperate situation, pls somebody help me ?

    Plugin Author Jared Atchison


    Hey @hommwoodcom,

    In the Advanced Settings for this field, do you have Placeholder setting filled out?

    Yep, Jared Atchison @jaredatch but i didn’t understand the relativity with my question.

    Plugin Author Jared Atchison


    Removing the text in their should solve the issue.

    With dropdown fields, placeholder text is the default text that displays when the form loads, which is not selectable and does not contain a value.

    – Please Select a Color (Placehoder text)
    – Red
    – Green
    – Blue

    A default field value and the placeholder text should not be used as the same time since what they are trying to do conflicts with each other.

    Image #1 – Senciniz… is displaying because that is the placeholder text (which trumps any default value).

    Image #2 Dask Sigortasi… is displaying because that is the default value and no placeholder text is configured (presumably)

    To remove the default value selection, create a new blank choice, set it as the default one, then remove it.

    Hope that helps.

    Well Jared @jaredatch thanks for your detailed answer, but i don’t think we’ re on the same page. Ima give u an example.

    Dropdown menu
    1. health insurance
    2. car insurance
    3. Homeowners Insurance

    If i click health insurance, the section would be like this;
    Security number:

    If i click car insurance;

    licence plate:
    car brand:
    issue year:

    I mean, i want to create different field sections for every dropdown menu item. I wonder is this possible ?

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    Plugin Author Jared Atchison


    Thanks for the explanation and I apologize for the confusion.

    Yes, what you’re describing is conditional logic.

    We provide conditional logic via an addon that is available for all license holders. It’s really useful and can also be used with email notifications and other items.

    Check out https://wpforms.com/docs/how-to-use-and-or-conditional-logic/

    Well mate, Jared @jaredatch you literally saved my bottocks 🙂 thanks a lot.

    Hey Jared @jaredatch me again, i have created the forms thanks to you, but when i try to submit, i’m getting this error without any explanations. What should be the problem ?

    Form has not been submitted, please see the errors below.

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    Plugin Author Jared Atchison


    Hey @hommwoodcom,

    Happy to take a look. When you get a chance would you submit a support ticket via https://wpforms.com/account/support/ ? Doing that will allow us to get additional information so we can get this solved quickly for you 🙂

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